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The new age of prohibition

Haven’t you seen it too? Every time some bad guy uses some tool or other the politicians want to ban it? And it sounds good too, doesn’t it? The bad guys used (insert what you like) so we banned it. Well, in theory it is good, provided that the bad guys are law abiding, and by nature, criminals are not – that’s why they are criminals in the first place, isn’t it? And some things you can’t make a law against, for obvious reasons. You can’t ban fertilizer because someone figured out how to make a bomb of it, we do need our produce after all. Neither can you ban cars because someone found out how to stuff it full of explosives and blow up something. So sure, there are exceptions. And those are

Apple Vs. FBI

There has been a lot of commotion regarding the request from the FBI to get a backdoor into iPhones. And on the surface this may seem as a quite straight forward case. The FBI wants access to the iPhone of a known terrorist, can’t get in, and puts blame on Apple for not having a back door available for them. That is at least what the headlines tell us in the media. However, the terrorist iPhone is as it is, and there is no back door solution to get into it, so this is actually a debate of a future back door into iPhones, and not the terrorist one. Besides, there have been many companies that have publicly announced that they could crack the phone in question within hours as it is now. And fo

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